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Cari Sup[plierKayu red meranti
 Mar 2, 2011 12:49:44
Saya ada client yg mencari Kayu Meranti dgn spec sbb :

Meranti 3layers 72x86x700-3000mm and S4S 30-50x150-200x3000mm.

I have interest rather "DKD". When the price offer has the big difference, make the price proposal for "KKK"

- I have interest concerning the standard. Specify the price offer for the standard and selected material.

Requirements to the quality of the Goods:

The butt-ends of a billet should be protected.

. Outside lamellas of a product should be integral and not finger-joined, without knots, cracks, multiples and pitch pockets.

The durability of the billet splice has to meet requirements of DIN D-4.

The billets should be one-coloured within the limits of a shipped party of the Goods.

The presence in the Goods of curvature and mechanical damages is not allowed.

The sizes of products should be sustained and not less specified in the Order.

The billets should be treated with antiseptic.

The humidity should not exceed 10 % (+ \-2).

.The billets should be packed according to the international requirements for transportation of wooden products on vessels by the sea.

Jika ada yg bisa supply silahkan email penawaran harga beserta contact person ke



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