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Dibutuhkan Kopi Robusta untuk di export ke Italy
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Kami memiliki client buyer/pembeli dari Italy yang siap membeli Kopi jenis robusta sesuai LOI dibawah ini, Bila anda berminat untuk kerjasama dalam memenuhi kebutuhan Client kami segera hub 087870787865/0251 7538019 Antonio L.O.I. for Coffee Robusta I, Giuseppe Antonio Pietrobono – Buyer Mandate – General Manager of PI.RA. Import Export, with full corporate responsibility and under penalty of perjury, confirm that we are ready, willing and able to enter into contracts with principal Sellers or Mandates for the hereunder referenced commodity on the terms and conditions set forth below: PRODUCT: AA CHERRY GREEN COFFEE BEANS QUANTITY: 6,000 MT during the marketing year 2011-2012 Criteria for Product Quality: (according to analysis of Bureau Veritas and SGS) ORIGIN: Delivery Method: CIF INCOTERMS 2010 DESTINATION: ASEP PAYMENT: Contract Length: 12 MONTHS, extended for a year, and so on year by year, with notice and delivery of new SBCL/BG to guarantee the new supply of 12 months from the expiry of the original contract. Shipments: depending of the features of the ASEP port and the needs of the contractual parties. Packing: container 20” for sea transport Price: US$ per MT cif Inspection: Quantity, quality, weight, and photo(s) by SGS at seller's cost at port of loading. Destination Port: ASWP. Payment Instrument: 1month shipment value Unconditional, Non Transferable, Irrevocable, Confirmed, SBCL/BG issued from Top 25 World Prime Bank as guarantee block for contract and SWIFT MT103/23 to be paid shipment per shipment. OUR PROCEDURES ARE: 1 – Buyer’s Mandate send LOI. 2 – Seller’s Mandate send SCO. 3 – Buyer agreed the SCO. 4 – Seller’s Mandate and facilitators sign and stamp NCNDA+IMFPA and send by email to Buyer’s side. 5 – Buyer’s side send back in 24 hours. 6 – Seller issue DRAFT CONTRACT in favor of the Buyer 7 – Buyer stamps, signs and sends back the DRAFT CONTRACT to the Seller within 24 hours 8 – Seller sends back a SIGNED CONTRACT electronically 9 – Buyer send an ICPO+BCL Authorization for SOFT PROBE+Passaport copy In the same day Seller send a confirm of order quantity + Passport copy 10 – Seller and Buyer exchange 02 hard copies simultaneously by courier and copies are duly signed & sealed. The FINAL DRAFT CONTRACTS will be considered as hard copies until the originals have been exchanged 11 – Within 3 banking days of signing the FINAL DRAFT CONTRACT (electronic version) the Seller’s Bank will send Bank to Bank the PROF OF PRODUCT (POP). 12 – Within 3 banking days of signing the FINAL DRAFT CONTRACT (electronic version) the Buyer issues the NON-OPERATIVE DOCUMENTARY LETTER OF CREDIT and buyer’s Bank guarantee to seller’s Bank, via SWIFT 13 – The Seller’s Bank, within 5 banking days after receiving the NON-OPERATIVE DOCUMENTARY LETTER OF CREDIT and Bank GUARANTEE via SWIFT, will activate the NON-OPERATIVE DOCUMENTARY LETTER OF CREDIT issuing in favor of the Buyer’s Bank 2% Performance Bond. 14 – Delivery and shipment commence as per schedule mutually agreed. 15 - When vessel reaches end destination payment is released to seller (Captains Notification issued and Port Notification along with BL’s to release payment ) the 28th March, 2012
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