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: 17-01-2017
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Commodity Specifications: Type: Cacao Processing Type: Roasted Maturity: 100% Grade: Grade A(ISO Standard) Place of Origin: Indonesia Brand Name: Cocoa Beans Our pursuit of the perfect cocoa beans starts with responsible crop management practices. Our goal is to produce premium cocoa beans without compromising our values or the environment. By its nature, cocoa production is a sustainable business that harnesses the power of the sun to dry the beans. We are committed to doing our part to preserve the fragile ecosystem in which we live and operate. We embrace many agronomic practices designed to protect the environment, limit soil erosion, and preserve native tropical vegetation Grade 1 Grade 1 cocoa is made up of lots of beans uniform color and dimension. Up to 10% of the beans have a deviating weight of more. than 1/3 or more less of the average weight of the beans. Bean count : 95-105 Max/100g It does not contain more than: - 3% of moldy beans - 3% slaty beans - 3% of beans with other defects Grade 2 The Grade 2 cocoa is made up of lots of general uniform color appearance. Beans Count: 105 - 120 beans / 100g . It must not contain more than: - 4% of moldy beans - 8% slaty beans - 6% of beans with other defects. We are supplier also supports T/T payments for offline orders.
  •  Email :  ventureinc.indoresources@rocketmail.com
  •  Mobile :  081295848095
  •  Address :  BOGOR Business Cluster, Jl. Raya Bogor - Sukabumi Km. 1. Kab. Bogor
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  •  Description:Kami BUKAN Pedagang Besar, BUKAN juga Pengepul Pertanian Besar, tapi insya Allah dengan bekal Kejujuran & Kerja Keras serta Silaturahmi yang baik kami haqqul yaqin dengan Pekerjaan kami sebagai Pedagang & Pengepul untuk beragam jenis produk Pertanian - Peternakan - Perikanan - Kelautan - Kehutanan di Propinsi Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah & Jawa Timur dan sekitarnya.
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